Worry-Free Beach Days: Four Simple Items Make All the Difference

Beachside ApartmentsSpending all day on the beach is a great way to kick back and relax. The key to making the trip enjoyable is to have a few key beach items on hand for the summer. Everyone remembers to grab the swimsuit and a towel, but a few often-overlooked additions make a day at the shore a more pleasant adventure.

1. Sunscreen: This really should go without saying, but too often, people end up slathering on aloe after their day out. Decent sunscreen offers great protection, but be sure that it has a high SPF. Although the inclination is to go low to get that bronzed summer tan, SPF 30 is a must for any more than 20 minutes of direct exposure to sunlight. Lip balm with SPF protection is a good idea as well.

2. Sunglasses: Your eyes take a beating at the beach, especially from the sunlight bouncing off the water. Give them a break with some polarized sunglasses. Many options are available, from high fashion to low budget, but don’t go without.

3. Shelter: No matter your degree of sun protection, a shelter is a must for a full day at the beach. Catch some cool air, reapply lotion, and have a snack out of the elements. A windy day may be great, but sand in your sandwich doesn’t have to be part of it. Of all the must-have beach items for the summer, having shelter is most often overlooked. A simple umbrella or cabaƱa makes all the difference.

4. Activities: The beach is a great place to relax, but to fill up a day, you should bring something to do. A book, a Frisbee, a snorkel, or a bodyboard all help the day stay interesting.

The next time you decide to take the day off to hit the sand and surf, be sure to add these things to make the outing truly enjoyable.

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