Where Children Thrive – 3 Reasons to Raise Your Family Near the Beach

Sunset on the beach in Satellite Beach, FLImagine waking up near the beach every day, walking along sun-kissed sands, and children happily playing. According to a 2019 SheKnows parenting report, visiting the beach benefits children’s development and promotes general well-being. Experience affordable, spacious beach apartment living near Melbourne, FL, and learn more about the benefits of growing up by the ocean.

1. Develop a Love For Nature

Breath-taking scenic views, warm, velvet sunshine, and soft, silky sand beneath your feet. Children learn and thrive in a fun, natural environment instead of a busy city lifestyle. Follow a butterfly, collect pretty colored shells and count the waves on the ocean. The beach is an educational opportunity of a lifetime to explore nature’s beauty and spectacular wildlife.

2. Healthy Activity Options

Take a break from social media platforms and television shows to enrich children’s lives in the real outdoors. Build sandcastles on the beach, play a ball game or go for a coastline stroll. Plan a picnic with healthy snacks and games, go on a hiking trip or create a scavenger hunt. Water activities are fun ways for children to exercise, socially interact, and promote motor skills development.

3. The Soothing Effect

After a busy day of chores or a fun-filled day of activities, relax on the beach and soak up the evening atmosphere. Watch the ocean, have a beverage, and enjoy quality family time. Encourage children to participate in quieter activities such as drawing scenery, building a rockery, or playing with a sensory bag of items. Fly a kite against the sunset sky, count the passing clouds, or listen to nature’s sounds after dark.

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