Ways to Stay Warm in Your Apartment Without Raising Your Utility Bill

A chilly apartment is not a comfortable place to live. Turning up the thermostat is an easy solution, but that comes at the cost of hefty utility bills. Fortunately, there are ways to fight the cold without putting a dent in your pocket. Read on to learn some helpful tips to keep your apartment warm.

Take Advantage of Natural Heat Sources

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The sun isn’t just useful for a tan on the beach. Open your windows to let the sun’s natural heat warm your room and bring in natural light. Letting in this natural light won’t only save you some cash on your next heating bill. Natural light also reduces the need for artificial light inside, thus reducing your light bill as well.

Insulate Your Windows

Glass panes tend to lose a lot of heat compared to insulated walls. Insulating your windows helps reduce this transfer of heat without having to touch the thermostat. You can use DIY window insulation film kits or magnetic window insulation.

Invest in Rugs and Curtains

Get yourself some heavy curtains to block out those cold gusts of air. A good set of curtains can help to insulate your home while also adding a stylish flair. Rugs can also help you stay warm by allowing you to avoid stepping on cold tiles. A thick rug is much warmer than tiles, wood, or stone, and you can even match them to your curtains to help give your home a sophisticated look.

It’s Easy to Stay Warm When You Live Near the Beach

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