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Professionals in every industry understand that the key to success is having the right tools for the job.  Carpenters sometimes say that everything looks like a nail when all they have is a hammer.  Chefs could say that everything looks like an omelet when all they have is a skillet.

Transform your cooking and start functioning as a professional, with minimal effort, once you buy the following inexpensive kitchen gadgets:

Mini Food Processor

Sometimes you need to dice and process foods quickly without feeding an army.  A miniature food processor will help you prepare great meals, and it’s sure to be your favorite kitchen tool.

Protective Cookbook Holder

All the latest cooking tools are of no benefit if your cookbook is ruined and illegible.  A protective cookbook holder allows you to follow treasured recipes for years to come.

Digital Measuring Cup and Scale

This is a handy tool to have around the kitchen. It can measure both weight and volume for dry and liquid ingredients.  It also has the ability to convert common measurements, so there’s no longer a need to try to remember what you once learned in grade school.


There is a difference between frozen foods and freshly prepared dishes.  A quality grater will allow you to make your favorite dish even better by preparing it from scratch.  Perhaps you want to give your best recipe a little something extra by topping it off with your choice of grated cheese. Graters can also be called upon to help you make a delicious dessert. Think about a good homemade pie that could become absolutely delicious with a generous amount of grated chocolate on top.

A few simple and inexpensive kitchen gadgets will have you cooking like an iron chef in no time.  You do not need a huge kitchen or culinary training to impress your friends with delicious and professionally prepared recipes.

 Thank you to Suzy Spence for the image.

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