Tips For Playing a Round of Golf With Your Partner

As an avid golfer, you know how enjoyable a day on the links can be. Whether golf is your time to relax, or you are serious about your handicap, playing a full 18, or just hitting the back 9 is a great way to spend a morning. Playing a round with your significant other can be a great way to enjoy some time with the one you love. Whether your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend is a newbie, or he or she has been playing for years, making it fun can be a little complicated. Before you schedule a tee time, take a look at a few tips to make the golfing experience enjoyable for both of you.

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1. Don’t Make It Into a Competition
The point of playing a round of golf with your significant other should be having fun. It’s a great opportunity to spend some time with the one you love. While a bit of friendly competition can make the experience a bit more fun, don’t get too serious about it.

2. Plan Other Activities Around The Outing
If you are the avid golfer of the couple, your partner may only want to play a round with you simply as an opportunity to enjoy an outing together. Planning a few activities before or after your round of golf will make the day more enjoyable for both of you. Make it a point to have lunch at the clubhouse, or make reservations to have dinner that night. If your significant other is not an experienced golfer, this will give him or her something to look forward to.

3. Have Patience
Playing a few holes with your loved one is an opportunity to get away from the daily grind for a few hours. If your partner is not a seasoned player, be patient. As you know, learning golf takes time, so help your significant other to learn the game at his or her own pace.

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