Throwing An Apartment Halloween Party To Die For

Halloween is traditionally one of the wildest nights of the year, and not just for kids. With an overwhelming amount of options, picking an event to attend isn’t always a no-brainer! If you’re serving as host, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you if you want to throw an apartment Halloween party that’ll reel ’em in and knock ’em dead. Here are a few ideas to help get you brainstorming.

Halloween Party Ideas - Beachside Apartments

Favors and Games
Whip up some crafty stuff to hand out to your guests as they arrive at your apartment. Halloween party guests love a bag of fake blood. If left laying around, rolls of toilet paper are likely to be utilized by guests for their intended purpose: making mummies. You can try some party games if you need to break the ice. Truth or Dare, scavenger hunts or pub-style trivia quizzes are all socially oriented and engaging.

Spooky Snacks
What’s any killer party without food? It’s Halloween, so you’d better plan on stocking the apartment with something sweet to tame your ravenous guests, like candy apples, baked goods, ghoulishly inspired cocktails, or your classic bowl of candy. Baked pumpkin seeds, which you should have plenty of from carving jack-o-lanterns, are a salty and savory alternative. With November creeping around the corner, it’s never too early for pumpkin pie.

Arranging the Atmosphere
Two words: fog machine. If you don’t have a stereo system, borrow someone else’s. Spooky sound effects and music are definitely necessary. Black lights and colored light bulbs were practically invented for this holiday. If you plan on turning your apartment into a dance floor, disco balls and strobe lights can synchronize together for a startling display.

Try these easy tips to make your apartment Halloween party headquarters!


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