The Four Accessories Every Apartment Bar Needs

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If you’re looking for a way to make future gatherings and parties a bit more elegant, there’s no better investment than stocking up your apartment bar. While beer and wine make for a fine beverage offering, you can really spice things up by mixing a custom cocktail or two. From the Manhattans your grandmother drank to a modern Sriracha-infused martini, there’s no limit to the kinds of creative mixed drinks you can serve to friends and family when they pay you a visit. If you’re new to the idea of setting up an apartment bar, start by purchasing and getting familiar with these four must-have accessories, and you’ll be off to a great start:

Cocktail Shaker – True party hosts don’t stir or blend drinks – they shake. The cocktail shaker allows you to mix ingredients quickly over ice, which brings the beverage’s temperature down without diluting it. A shaker is one of the most important tools of any skilled mixologist.

Muddler – A muddler is key for crushing ingredients like fresh herbs and spices. Just imagine how sad a mojito would be without the just-crushed mint leaves and you’ll see how important a muddler is.

Whiskey Stones – It has been said that those with the most no-nonsense tastes prefer whiskey among other libations, and you’ll want to have a quality set of whiskey stones for friends who fall into this category. They make an excellent alternative to ice and keep whiskey refreshingly cool without watering it down.

Cocktail Picks – There’s no better way to put a finishing touch on a cocktail than with a coordinated garnish, like skewered fresh fruit in a tropical drink or a pick of green olives in a dirty martini. Simply said, you can transform just about any drink from simple to spectacular by adding a thoughtfully chosen garnish.

Round out your apartment bar setup by building up a varied glassware collection. Your presentation alone will win over guests and set the stage for some impressive drink making!

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