Six Fun Ways to Enjoy the Beach this Winter

Beach town - Beachside ApartmetnsFlorida beaches are synonymous with surf, sand, and sun-tans. While many tourists flock to the beach during the hot summer months, locals know that the coast can be just as alluring in the winter months, as well. While the temperature may be a bit chillier, there are still so many great activities to enjoy. Don your favorite jacket and check out these six winter beach ideas.

1. Kayaking

Kayaking is a sport that people of all ages can enjoy, regardless of the time of year. Rent a kayak and explore all that the coast has to offer. You can spot a wide variety of wildlife, fish, and soak up the beauty of the great outdoors.

2. Fishing

Florida offers some of the best fishing in the world. Fishing can be a relaxing, tranquil activity, or a fun, exciting way to spend a winter afternoon. Hunt game fish like bass, tarpon, yellowtail, and many more.

3. Shell Collecting

Taking a stroll on an early winter morning is a beachcomber’s dream. Forget fighting for a good place on the sand or avoiding large crowds of beach-goers; the beach in winter is a completely different experience. Enjoy the peace and quiet of an empty beach as you search for unique and unusual shells and marine life.

4. Kites

Kite flying is one of many popular winter beach ideas. Windy winter days are perfect for letting kites of all shapes and sizes soar above the white sands and blue waters.

5. Sand Sculptures

Kids love building sand sculptures, and the fun can last all year long. Let toddlers run wild on the quiet beach, while older kids can express their creativity by sculpting a sandy masterpiece.

6. Sports

Forget muddy fields, get outside and play on the sand! Kids and adults alike can play volleyball, frisbee, badminton, and more on dry sand. After working up a sweat, you might just feel like going for a swim.

These are only a few winter beach ideas to try this season. What is your favorite thing about going to the beach in during the winter?


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