Simple Tips to Host a Winning Football Apartment Party!

Football season is here, and that means you have the perfect excuse to throw an apartment party with friends or family. Getting together to watch a big game is a great reason to have a friendly gathering. These types of parties are low stress and ultra casual–which means you won’t Cool Football Stuff - Beachside Apartmentshave to spend lots of time or money to pull off the perfect get-together. Simply pick a date, send out a casual text or email invite, and follow these simple tips for a great time!

Figure out the Food

Finger foods are a perennial favorite when it comes to a good football-focused apartment party. Go the Mexican-inspired route by serving guacamole, salsa, black bean dip, and tortilla chips. You can make your own homemade guacamole in under 10 minutes by simply mixing 3 mashed avocados, a quarter-cup of finely chopped red onion, a few finely chopped cloves of garlic, the juice of one lime, and a couple dashes of salt and pepper. If you and your friends enjoy Mediterranean-themed cuisine, serve hummus and tzatziki with kalamata olives and pita bread.

Set up the Seating

Make sure your guests have plenty of room to settle in and get cozy while they watch the big game at your apartment. Party goers can even bring their own folding chair if your TV room is short on seating. Arrange chairs, ottomans, and even outdoor furniture around the TV so that everyone will have a good view.

Plan a Game

Take the fun at your apartment party up a notch by coming up with a themed game or activity. From football trivia to BINGO to a team spirit costume contest, there are tons of ways to get people involved. If you need some ideas, check out this page.

With games airing just about every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday between now and the end of December, you have plenty of opportunities to host an apartment party. And remember–when it comes to a football-themed gathering, don’t overthink it. Good food, plenty of seats, and the company of your friends is all you’ll need for a great time!

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