Renter Must-Haves for Apartment Safety

Whether renting or owning a home, safety is an important factor. Apartments may not have all of the same security issues of a freestanding home, but renters must have specific items in their possession to ensure that they remain protected.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher with rating for multiple types of fires will help ensure that small fires do not become large fires.

New Locks

After taking possession of a unit, tenants should ask an owner or manager to install new locks. There’s no way to know how many keys fit the current locks, or where those keys are currently circulating. New locks on all doors will prevent people from accessing apartments they should not enter. Adding an extra chain lock or deadbolt can also enhance security.

Sliding Door Security

Sliding doors are a common entry point for intruders. Securing these entrances will be an important key for keeping a unit safe. A bar or pole that fits into the track will make intrusion through a sliding door impossible for a criminal. Another mechanism involves a special metal pin that inserts into both the doorframe and the door.

Window Coverings

Criminals often peer into windows to see if valuables are present. To make this impossible, tenants should install window coverings that prevent potential intruders from looking in windows. Blinds or draperies should be effective for covering windows. Close the blinds or draperies during the evening hours and anytime no one is at home to prevent people from looking into the windows.

A Safe

Purchase a fireproof safe and keep valuables inside it. Use the safe for irreplaceable items such as jewelry, collector’s items, and important documents. Optimally, the safe should be large and heavy enough to prevent an intruder from taking the whole thing.

In the event that theft or loss does occur in an apartment, renter’s insurance can also ensure that a renter receives compensation for the loss.

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