Quick and Easy Tips for Hiding Electronic Cords in Your Apartment

Electronic cords - Beachside ApartmentsHaving electronic cords stretch across your floors can make your apartment look messy and unappealing. If you’re looking to clean up the area and organize your living space, here are a few tips for hiding electronic cords in apartments to keep your area as clean as possible.


If you have a computer, television, or any other electronic device at an open table, then it’s best to use the table to your advantage. Consider tying the electric cords down the back of the table leg. This will help maximize your legroom and prevent the cords from being visible. Just a few zip ties will do the trick, allowing you to combine all the cords.

If you have a larger desk with drawers, consider drilling a hole in the top of the desk. This way, you can easily re-route the cords where you want them to go.

Also, if some cords are much longer than others, then hiding electronic cords in apartments can be tricky. Eliminate the extra length by looping longer cords into coils and securing them with a zip tie.


Consider putting labels at the base of each cord near the power strip. This will help you remember which cord is plugged into which device.

It might also be useful to make a DIY charging station. For instance, you could take a shoebox, wine box, or craft box and put a power strip on the inside. Then, place all of your phone chargers, laptop chargers, or iPad chargers inside the box. Finally, cut or drill holes into the box and label each of the holes so that you know what device goes to what cord.


Of course, the best tip for hiding electronic cords in apartments is to only use what you need. If you can keep most, if not all, of your electronics to your living room or kitchen, this would ensure that your bedroom is clutter free. Consider using only mobile devices in the bedroom while leaving bigger devices, such as TVs or game consoles, in the living room.

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