Places to Explore on the Space Coast

Beachfront property with a view of the ocean and white sand beachMany people love staying on the beach to enjoy the atmosphere, breeze from the ocean, and leisurely walks in the evening on white sand. The Space Coast in Florida perfectly blends the sun, space, sea, and sand to explore and have fun. The possibilities can be endless with numerous activities, parks, and recreation.

Turkey Creek Sanctuary

The Space Coast has a lot of natural attractions, and Turkey Creek tops the list. Most residents and visitors love exploring this wild sanctuary where animals like turtles, fish, and snakes can be seen in their natural habitat at the Palm Bay.

Although the sanctuary has been around for many years, there has recently been a partnership with the county and the community. There are lots of fun activities, including jogging and hiking, that visitors can participate in. Visitors can also ride boats or bikes on the mountain trail.

Cape Canaveral

Visit Cape Canaveral and watch the ships docking or do some shopping. From watching wildlife to catching a glimpse of the beautiful landscape, there’s plenty to love about the area. Visitors can also watch birds, take a boat ride, or go fishing.

Merritt Square Mall

The Merritt Square Mall is situated on Merritt Island in the heart of the Banana River. It’s a fun place where visitors can spend time shopping. This is a great opportunity to purchase sunglasses, jewelry, yogurt, and more.

Kelly Park

Kelly Park is located on the shores of Merritt Island. This is the perfect spot for a picnic, windsurfing, and playing outdoor games like volleyball.

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