Military Moving Tips for Your First PCS Move

Moving as a military family can be an exciting adventure. While you may be used to anticipating your usual temporary moves, a PCS move can be a different ballgame. Even if you’re struggling with very little advance notice to get your family packed up and on the road, our helpful tips can prepare you for your new PCS.

Start Planning in Advance

A person wearing an Air Force uniform holding a sign reading 'we're moving'

As every military family knows, military life can be unpredictable at times. Not knowing your relocation destination until a few weeks before the move can make things more stressful as your family prepares.

However, in spite of this hold-up, you should still make time to consider the first strategic steps of the moving process. Do you want to manage your family’s move yourself, or will you work with a military relocation program? Do you want to live in on- or off-base housing? Make these decisions before taking any next steps.

Organize and Prepare for Your Move

Once you’re given more details on your transfer, it’s time to get organized. Depending on what you choose to do with your current home, you may not have to pack up the entire home to prepare for your move. However, it’s still critical to stay on top of your belongings, including labeling the items you don’t want movers to touch. Don’t forget to also call ahead of time and lock in a date with the moving company!

Take Time to Settle In

Once the chaos of moving calms, it’s time to get comfortable in your new home. If you chose to live off base, you and your family may take more time to become familiar with a new community, but the effort will be worth it in the long run.

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