Live at the Beach? Try These Tips for Sandy Floors

Couple walking down a beach embracing The beach lifestyle definitely has its perks, from the breathtaking views to the relaxing sound of the surf. While you may love the feel of sand between your toes when you’re on the beach, that sensation isn’t so great when it comes to your indoor flooring. Try these tips for dealing with sandy floors at your beachside home.

Rinse Your Toes

Whether you have an outdoor shower or rely on the hose, make sure to rinse your feet clean before entering the home. Even the tiniest amount of sand can create unpleasant grit when it transfers to your floors.

Stow Beach Gear Away

Avoid bringing sandy items like shoes, beach toys, and chairs into the home. A designated place to store beach gear outdoors will help stave off the sand on your floors.

Keep Indoor Shoes

Store a basket of slippers, flip-flops, or other comfy pairs of shoes near the front door. Every family member should put on their indoor shoes while in the house and take them off before heading outside.

Change Your Clothes

Even if your clothes don’t seem sandy after a walk on the beach, chances are they’ve picked up at least a few sand particles. Take these items straight to the laundry room before sitting on your furniture.

Use a Handheld Vacuum

This handy device allows you to quickly and effectively pick up sand that gets past your best efforts to keep it out. When your handheld vacuum stays charged and ready, sand won’t have a chance to spread.

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