How To Keep Your Refrigerator Organized And Clean

How To Keep Your Refrigerator Organized And Clean - Beachside Apartments

If your fridge is home to a lot of leftovers, over-ripened vegetables, or spoiled foods, it’s time to think about reorganizing your refrigerator. If your fridge looks like most, you’ll want to go through the process of cleaning and reorganizing your refrigerator at least once a month. Follow these tips and you’ll have it in order in no time at all:

1) Purge everything that’s past due

Old leftovers, mushy vegetables, or past-due condiments have no place in the fridge. However, checking the dates on condiments like ketchup and mustard isn’t the only way to determine if you should toss them out. Be realistic about the sauces, toppings, and other jarred products in your fridge and think about getting rid of those that you rarely use. Make sure to empty out jars and recycle the glass to keep your refrigerator environmentally friendly.

2) Wipe down surfaces

As with any type of cleaning, you’ll want to start at the top and work your way down for the best results. Place the contents of your fridge on a kitchen counter as you wipe out each shelf. Most products will be fine sitting out for the little bit of time it will take you. Clean with a wet microfiber towel and a little bit of dish soap. This works better than spray-on cleaners which can leave streaks and take longer to dry. Don’t forget to wipe off compartments on the door and remove bins to clean them in the sink.

3) Put everything in its place

When reorganizing your refrigerator, take some time to put food in its ideal storage spot to extend the shelf life and deter the growth of bacteria. The most heat-sensitive products, including milk, yogurt, and other dairy products should go on the bottom shelf. Packaged, raw meat should also be stored here. Keep vegetables and fruits separate if you can. Leftovers and eggs can be stored on the middle shelf. Most condiments have plenty of natural preservatives, such as vinegar and salt, so they can be stored in the door, which is the warmest area of the fridge.

Avoid bad odors and stale food by reorganizing your refrigerator often. With these tips on hand, you’ll be able to keep your refrigerator – and your apartment – organized and fresh.

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