Easy, Fun Ways to Bling Out Your Apartment for New Years Eve

If you’re like us, you’re probably hosting a party in your apartment this New Years. If you’re really like us, you want to really go all out with the decorations. In a word: bling! Putting your place together doesn’t need to be a hassle, either. With a little bit of elbow grease and a trip to an art supply store or two, you can easily get it together and throw the party of the century… or at least the year!champagne and decorations -  Beachside Apartments

1. Festive Lighting

Remember that it wouldn’t be New Years without lights! But why just use the Christmas lights you’ve already got? If you’re hosting a party in your apartment for New Years, you probably want to stay with the theme. To make the lighting festive and fun, you can make any number of shapes out of paper to cover them like a lampshade. Another fun way to light up the room: cut out the bottom of a plastic cup, and put it upside down over a small candle. The light will shine through the open bottom, creating a fun holiday ambience. Wrapping paper is a good way to decorate the cup.

2. Glitter Champagne Bottles

Every time the clock strikes midnight on this wonderful time of year, people everywhere are popping champagne bottles. Why not make these even more fancy by covering them in glitter? Go for all sorts of colors, and cover the bottles in glittery paper! You can even do this with empty bottles: cover them with glitter, but leave a few spaces for light to shine through. Plus, if you open up the top and pop a few lights inside, and you’ve got another fun decoration!

3. Origami Stars

Nothing says the most wonderful time of the year like stars! You can even make them using some leftover gift-wrap from Christmas to look seasonal, and hang them by string from your ceiling.

You see, hosting a party at your apartment doesn’t have to be a pain! Tricking your place out is inexpensive and easy if you’ve got the tools. The possibilities are endless. Happy New Year!

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