Herb Gardening For Apartment Dwellers!

Apartment Herb Gardening - Beachside Apartments

Is your limited apartment space preventing you from growing your own organic food? Well, you can change that today, even if you do not live on a farm.  Growing your own herbs requires very little space, making it easy for apartment living.  Herbs can spice up almost any recipe by creating a fresh, organic taste.  You can grow herbs in small containers or jars that work very well for apartment living. All you need is a sunny windowsill, a container, and your choice of herb seeds.

Selecting a Container

Be sure to select a container that has adequate drainage and is large enough for your plants to mature. You will also want to place a tray under your container to catch any excess water. You can purchase special herb containers or even use strawberry jars.

I See the Light

Plants will not grow without sunlight.  Your plants will need approximately 6 to 8 hours of sunlight each day.  Also, try periodically relocating your containers if you notice that your plants are growing uneven.

Water, Please!

It is best to plant herbs that have similar watering requirements together.  Water each herb according to its individual needs.  A good test to see if your plants are adequately watered is to simply feel the soil for dryness.  You will want to keep your plants moist but try not to overwater them.  Your herbs will begin to turn yellow if you are overwatering them, or there is poor drainage.

Ask for Help

There is an abundance of both online and in-store resources available for apartment dwellers who want to grow herbs.  Surf the web, or ask your local garden supply store to help you choose the best herbs for your specific needs.  You will soon be adding fresh, organic herbs to your favorite culinary dishes.

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