Grilling 101: Make Your Next Cookout The Best On The Block

The arrival of summer means different things to different people, but most will agree that a good BBQ is part of the fun of the season. Grilling gives you a chance to get out of your house, avoid the usual mess of a kitchen-prepared meal, and do something other than your regular routine! Whether you consider yourself a novice or pro, or more likely somewhere in between, make sure you follow these tips for the best results from your next cookout:

Grilling - Beachside Apartments

1) Make sure you have the essentials, such as charcoal, heat-resistant cooking utensils, and matches, in advance. You’ll lose the momentum if you have to run to the store after you already have a good fire going!

2) Spray the grates before you light the fire. This will help keep food from sticking, making it easier to flip items and to complete the cleanup when you’re done!

3) When grilling fish or chicken, bring them directly from refrigeration. Steaks and pork chops should be brought to room temperature before they are put on the grates.

4) Add salt and pepper to just about everything for added flavor and to tenderize meats. This is also a simple, delicious seasoning for vegetables like zucchini and asparagus.

5) Don’t move food around too much. Instead, allow it to sit still for a while to form a sealed bottom layer, then flip it just once so it can do the same on the other side. Once the outer layer has that nice seal, move it to a cooler area on the grates where the inside can continue cooking with less direct heat.

6) Never prod, squish, or cut into meats that you’re grilling, as this will cause them to dry out.

7) Let the meat sit for about ten minutes before you serve it. Remember, meats will continue cooking after you remove it from the heat, so you may want to take it off while still slightly pink.

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