Five Tips for Throwing Your First Dinner Party as a Married Couple

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After getting married, most couples find that they have plenty of new household items, such as plates, stemware, serving platters, glasses, and more. There’s no better way to celebrate your new life together than by hosting a dinner party to debut all those lovely gifts! While you may be tempted to just wing it by inviting lots of people and serving up your favorite go-to dishes, a little bit of pre-event planning will help make it a truly special gathering for those invited. If you and your spouse are in the so-called honeymoon phase, consider throwing a real dinner party–your first as husband and wife! Follow these tips to ensure your special event runs smoothly for everyone involved:

Make a guest list:
Invite a small group of people. This will ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed and that guests will feel comfortable in your space. Generally speaking, ten is the perfect number to invite for a sit-down meal.

Choose a menu:
Keep things simple when it comes to the menu. If you’d like to try a new dish, it may be best to do a test run in advance so you can work out any kinks in the recipe. Remember to consider any dietary restrictions your dinner party guests may have.

Create a beverage menu:
When deciding what drinks to serve with the meal, make it easy for yourself by going with a limited number. Select two varieties of wine or beer, and include a signature cocktail along with sparkling water.

Spruce up your space:
Guests will be eager to talk about your recent wedding and honeymoon, so be sure to have a comfortable seating area for everyone. If that space will be the same as the dining area, consider decorating the table with scented candles, fresh flowers, a table runner, or other items that can be removed before the meal is served.

Thank your guests:
Being a gracious host goes a long way with guests, no matter how casual or formal the dinner party. Thank your guests for coming and even consider sending them home with a small token of appreciation, such as a flower, another piece of dessert, or an extra party favor leftover from your wedding!


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