Five Things to Do on a Day Trip to Cape Canaveral

If you are looking for a perfect weekend destination in Florida, Cape Canaveral is your answer. Located midway between Jacksonville and Miami along Florida’s Space Coast, the area boasts some outstanding attractions. Here are a few fascinating activities to fill your day trip.

Visit the Historic Kennedy Space Center

A rocket launching from a launchpad while several cameras record it

Kennedy Space Center is the top attraction for visitors in Cape Canaveral. You can witness an actual live launch of space rockets or visit the museum that showcases everything from pieces of real moon rock to the astronauts’ suits. The impressive Atlantis shuttle is also on display, among other memorabilia representing the history of space exploration. By the end of the day, you’ll learn a lot you didn’t know about the space center.

Nature Tour at Jetty Park

You can spend part of your day exploring the 35 acres of lush parklands of Jetty Park. It is an ideal family getaway with amenities such as deck chairs and beach umbrellas, allowing you to soak in the sun. There’s a dedicated pier stretching into the sea for fishing lovers to use. Families with kids will love the playground area to let their little ones loose in a safe environment.

Visit the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse

The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse is well worth a visit. It was built in 1868, replacing the original, shorter lighthouse. It is a marvel of architecture and engineering, standing at 151 feet to send light beams 22 nautical miles toward the sea.

Visit the Landmark Exploration Tower

The Exploration Tower is one of the top landmarks in Cape Canaveral, and it allows you to learn the history and culture of the region. The tower features seven floors with several observation decks to give visitors awe-inspiring views of Cape Canaveral.

Enjoy a Helicopter Tour

An aerial view of Cape Canaveral can provide you with a completely different perspective of top Space Coast attractions, including the Kennedy Space Center, Banana River’s wildlife-filled Thousand Islands, and Cocoa Beach, among others.

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