Five Great Places to Store Your Belongings in Your Apartment

make-space-in-small-house - Beachside ApartmentsJust because you don’t own your own home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have adequate space to keep your belongings. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can devise a few appealing storage ideas for apartments to keep your items organized and accessible.


Some furniture styles are attractive while also providing serviceable storage. Ottomans and coffee tables with drawers or extra storage space can be ideal places for throws and quilts, puzzles and games, or other clutter that you want to stow out of sight. Some end tables come with shelving underneath to allow you to stack photo albums, books, and games.

Walls and Ceilings

Whenever you can get items off the floor or out of the closet, you win. Consider installing hooks on the walls or the ceiling as efficient apartment storage ideas. It’s even possible to hang large items such as bicycles or other sporting equipment on walls and ceilings. A pegboard in the kitchen can keep pots, pans, or gadgets out of the way, freeing up drawer and cupboard space, while a pegboard in the bedroom could hold jewelry, scarves, or other trinkets.


Baskets and bins can provide places for storing small items out of sight. Place them on shelves for neat and orderly storage, or use them to store towels and linens near bedrooms and bathrooms.


When it comes to owning an apartment, it’s important to use every available inch of space, so don’t forget to use the space on doors for storage! Over-the-door shoe holders or shelving units can provide a useful place for storing small items, and these options are usually relatively inexpensive and easy to install or place.

Under the Bed

Purchase under-the-bed storage baskets for items such as off-season clothing or linens. You might also consider finding rolling trays or bins for more convenience, as these options give you easy access to stored items while they stay out of sight.

These storage ideas for apartments should enable you to take advantage of every inch of the small square footage, giving you a variety of options when it comes to packing away your belongings.

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