Five Easy Ways To Make Your Apartment Look More Beach Chic

Nothing says beach chic like a spacious apartment with ocean views, high ceilings, and plentiful natural light. Our beautiful community of beach apartments is located within walking distance from the beach, Beachside Apartments Furnitureoffering fresh sea air all year round. Read onĀ for five simple design tips tomake your home look and feel just like the beach.

1. Material, Material, Material

It’s all about the material when it comes to decorating your beachfront apartment. Try linen for your curtains, rattan chairs, and crisp, white cotton on your sofa and pillows. Store knickknacks such as twine balls on top or under tables in wicker baskets. An added bonus: Light colors make any apartment’s floor plan look larger.

2. Add Tropical Elements

Complement your white curtains and sofas with bright pops of color. Pineapples offer a cute, tropical way to add a splash of yellow to your home. Try pineapple print wallpaper or screen prints on the walls. Add a bright coral starfish shaped bowl for colored candies on the table, or try topping off your living room with a palm leaf plant in the corner.

3. Utilize Print Pillows

An allover nautical theme print on a bed sheet or blanket may come off cheesy, so try accenting with pillows instead. Any couch or bed in a neutral color or print can benefit from a colorful statement pillow. Try pillows embroidered with ocean-inspired objects such as sea creatures or ship parts.

4. Play with Nature

Where possible, go for an all-natural look. Consider hanging a mirror bordered by a frame of small twigs in the bathroom, as well as bamboo rugs on the floor. Place small pots of leafy green plants everywhere. Place a tray of seashells, driftwood, and coral in the hallway or sitting room. Remember: wood always looks great in beach apartments!

5. Ocean Inspiration

Nod to the nautical by blending peaceful shades of blue in your bedroom. A white bed can benefit from a pop of blue pillow that matches a stripe of blue horizontally crossing the room’s wallpaper. Hang coastal maps on the walls that show mostly blue seawater.

Making beach apartments look beach chic doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming with these easy tips and tricks

Special thanks to Wicker Paradise for the image.

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