Every Beach Apartment’s Must Have Beach Items

Life in beachside apartments comes with its own specific needs. Whether you’ve recently purchased a beach apartment or are just renting one for the week, these are some must-have items to keep you shaded, calm, and sand-free while you hang out on the shore.

All-Weather Umbrella Shelter

The all-weather umbrella shelter is bigger than a normal umbrella with extra flaps and stakes that allow it to be secured to the ground. This shelter can keep you shaded in the sun and dry in the rain. If you or a child gets overheated, the shelter is also the perfect spot to cool down. Some even come with small windows that allow you to always keep an eye on what is going on around you.

Sand Screw Umbrella Holder

If you’ve ever lost an umbrella to a good gust of wind, this product is for you. A sand screw is a special umbrella holder that has a sloped thread, like a screw, on the bottom. This allows you to twist the holder into the sand and create a more secure base. You’ll never have to worry about your shade flying into the ocean.

Sand Screw Cup Holder

As described earlier, a sand screw plants an object firmly in the ground. If you’re going to enjoy a cold drink next to the beach, one of these cup holders is the perfect way to keep your drink fresh and clean.

Chairs (with lots of pockets)

Chairs are easy to come by at any local shop, but not all chairs are created equal. Try to find a sturdy one with an adjustable back and lots of pockets. The pockets will allow you to keep personal effects like bracelets, watches, or earrings from being swallowed by the ocean. Furthermore, investing in back support will make lounging on the waterfront with a good book for hours much more enjoyable.

Waterproof Speaker

A nice afternoon spent on the shore is always enhanced by beats from your favorite musical artist. A waterproof speaker lets you listen to some nice tunes without the fear of shorting a wire. If you get one that is battery-operated, you will spare yourself the hassle of running a cord between your beach apartments and the water’s edge.

Waterproof Cooler

A durable, waterproof, lightweight cooler is a great way to stay full and hydrated all day on the beach. Keep your drinks, lunch, and extra ice cool and dry, even with the sun beating down all day.

With these items in your beach apartment, you will always be ready for an afternoon spent at the shore. All you need now is the sunblock!

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