Creative Single-Serve Cooking Ideas

Kitchen Interior - Beachside ApartmentsIf you view cooking for one as a challenge, then you haven’t seen these recipes. With just enough ingredients for one meal – and maybe some leftovers for lunch the next day – these options are sure to make their way onto your weekly menu:

Make an Omelet
Not only are they packed with healthy protein, but you can also add all sorts of yummy veggies to your personal omelet.

Perhaps you’ll choose a little bit of chopped onion and some fresh spices. Leave them cooking in the frying pan with some butter for a few seconds while you whisk 2 large eggs with some salt and pepper.

Pour the eggs over the onions and spices and allow them to scramble until they’re about two thirds of the way done. Then let them settle in the pan.

Next, sprinkle some cheddar cheese and perhaps some chopped ham on one side. Let the cheese melt as the remaining uncooked eggs set. Fold your omelet in half, take it out of the pan and enjoy your tasty meal!

Single-Serve Salads
Salads are an easy meal for one. Grocery stores offer fresh lettuce blends that are all ready to wash and eat.

One night, you may choose to add some seasoned grilled chicken with peppers, mushrooms and avocados to your lettuce – and don’t forget the ranch dressing. Another night may call for sliced strawberries with some chopped ham and poppy seed dressing. There’s no end to the possibilities!

Single-Serve Desserts
Even making desserts can be a blast for one person. This Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Muffin is designed as a healthy dessert for one individual to enjoy.

Or pull out your apples and oatmeal to enjoy this delicious microwave version of Apple Crisp – made in a mug for a single-serving option!

You can also take some time to search for creative bloggers who specialize in cooking for one or two individuals at a time. You’re sure to find some wonderful recipes!


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