Checklist for First-Time Apartment Renters

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting adventure for first-time renters. Since this is your first time living on your own, having a checklist will help you prioritize the items you need to purchase for each room and identify the things you can bring along from your previous home. Below is a checklist to aid first-time renters when moving to a new apartment.

Living Room Checklist

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A couch is the first item you should include in your list of living room essentials. A stylish couch will serve as the room’s centerpiece and provide comfortable seating to relax, work, or spend time with guests. Every room in your apartment will require some degree of storage space; in your living room, you’ll likely store books, remote controls, and coasters. For your TV, you’ll need a stand to support the device and provide a designated space for home entertainment accessories. While wall art, throw pillows, picture frames, and houseplants aren’t essentials, you can add them to boost your living room’s ambiance.

Kitchen Checklist

Having at least two sets of dishes, frying pans, utensils, plates, and drinkware will allow you to prepare meals at home. When you first move in, you’ll likely have to order takeout until you completely unpack your kitchen boxes, but it’s always a good idea to have these items handy as you get settled.

Bed and Bath Checklist

You’ll need a mattress, bed frame, pillows, and bedding to sleep comfortably during your first night in your new home. If the apartment you plan to move into doesn’t have adequate closet space, include a portable closet and a shoe rack in your checklist. To get started decorating with ease, you should bring along a set of tools so you can make the space your own. For items that require hanging, add wall hooks, a step stool, and nails to your list.

Move-in ready apartments are usually pretty clean; however, in some cases, you may need to sanitize your bathroom as soon as you move in. Your bathroom checklist should include a plunger, toilet scrubber, shower curtain, bleach, trashcan, and other necessary cleaning supplies. Don’t forget to list bath towels, soaps, and toilet paper, and always check beforehand to determine how much storage space is available in the bathroom. You can purchase racks and floating shelves to maximize storage space if needed.

A checklist plays a significant role in helping first time-renters identify the items they need for each room and stay organized when moving into an apartment. At Beachside Apartments, we provide attractive, convenient apartments for rent in Satellite Beach, FL. View our floorplans today and call us at (321) 779-0601 to learn more about the features of our available units.

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