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Places to Explore on the Space Coast

The Space Coast has an abundance of places to explore that are great for people with all kinds of interests. Explore what this unique area has to offer. Read More

Rocketship launching from launchpad in Brevard County, FL

Aviation and Aerospace Job Trends in Brevard County

The job market in Brevard County continues to grow, especially in aviation and aerospace fields. Learn more about these trends. Read More

A low shot of a rocket ship blasting off

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center has amazing tours and experiences that you can enjoy for an entire day. Here are three exciting activities you can’t pass up.
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SpaceX: Revolutionizing Space Exploration in Brevard County

Anyone who’s considering moving to Florida’s Space Coast should learn about the notable locations and employers in the area. In addition to beaches, shopping, and theme parks, Brevard County is also home to several major tech companies, including SpaceX, an aerospace manufacturer that’s known for revolutionizing how people think of space exploration. What Is SpaceX? At their location in Cape Canaveral, SpaceX designs and manufactures cutting-edge rockets and spacecraft. According to their website, “enabling people to live on other planets” … Read More