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3 Reasons to Live Off-base

This just in — your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) order has been finalized, and it’s official: You’ll be relocating to Patrick Air Force Base for your next long-term assignment. When organizing the logistics of your Sunshine State move, you’re stuck on one question: Should you settle on or off-base? While there’s no clear-cut choice that’s right for everyone, familiarizing yourself with the many advantages of off-base housing can help you determine a living accommodation best fit for your lifestyle. … Read More

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Free Entertainment at Satellite Beach

Anyone who moves to one of the available Satellite Beach apartments will quickly learn that boredom is not an option. Whether looking for nightlife, culture, shopping, great food, or family-friendly outdoor entertainment, this Florida coastal city promises numerous opportunities for fun and recreation. And best of all, there are plenty of free options for those looking for entertainment on a budget. For Nature Lovers Nature lovers who decide to rent one of the many Satellite Beach apartments will be in … Read More

Renter Must-Haves for Apartment Safety

Whether renting or owning a home, safety is an important factor. Apartments may not have all of the same security issues of a freestanding home, but renters must have specific items in their possession to ensure that they remain protected. Fire Extinguisher A fire extinguisher with rating for multiple types of fires will help ensure that small fires do not become large fires. New Locks After taking possession of a unit, tenants should ask an owner or manager to install … Read More

Every Beach Apartment’s Must Have Beach Items

Life in beachside apartments comes with its own specific needs. Whether you’ve recently purchased a beach apartment or are just renting one for the week, these are some must-have items to keep you shaded, calm, and sand-free while you hang out on the shore. All-Weather Umbrella Shelter The all-weather umbrella shelter is bigger than a normal umbrella with extra flaps and stakes that allow it to be secured to the ground. This shelter can keep you shaded in the sun … Read More