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Active military member sitting on front porch of a home

3 PCS Tips for Military Spouses

Unfortunately, part of military life is moving on a frequent basis. Learn tips for military spouses and explore Beachside Apartments in Satellite Beach, FL. Read More

Beachside Apartments entrance view - apartments for rent on Merritt Island, FL

Ways to Stay Warm in Your Apartment Without Raising Your Utility Bill

A chilly apartment is not a comfortable place to live. Turning up the thermostat is an easy solution, but that comes at the cost of hefty utility bills. Fortunately, there are ways to fight the cold without putting a dent in your pocket. Read on to learn some helpful tips to keep your apartment warm. Take Advantage of Natural Heat Sources The sun isn’t just useful for a tan on the beach. Open your windows to let the sun’s natural … Read More

Exterior View of a Beachside Apartments Condo

How to Avoid Making Rookie Mistakes During Your First Move

Moving to a new home can be time-consuming and often requires lots of careful planning and organizing. Unfortunately, there are a few ways that you can unintentionally make the moving process even more challenging for yourself and your family, including packing too much stuff, procrastinating, and forgetting to plan for your first few days in the new place. Here’s how you can avoid making these rookie moving mistakes. Don’t Take Everything With You Unless you already live a very minimalist … Read More

Tips for Getting to Know Your Apartment Neighbors

Whether you moved across town or the country, the quickest way to make your new apartment feel like home is to make some new friends with your neighbors. Getting to know the people in your apartment complex can foster a sense of community, which can improve mental health, build important connections, and create a safer environment. Consider these simple strategies to make some friends around your new home. Take Advantage of the Perks and Amenities Utilizing your apartment complex’s different … Read More