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Top 4 Restaurants in the Space Coast Area

Take a break from apartment cooking! Crush Eleven, The Melting Pot, and Dixie Crossroads are among the top choices of restaurants in the Space Coast area. Read More

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Some Healthy and Tasty Seafood Recipes

When you’re cooking in your apartment, it’s easy to forget how great it is to live in Florida. Right on the Gulf Coast, we have access to some of the best seafood in the country! Take a look at these great seafood recipes you can cook today, without having to scour the state for ingredients. 1. Seafood Ramen Noodle Soup Begin by hard boiling 2 eggs, and sauté 4 large shrimp with sesame oil until pink. Leave them in a … Read More

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Easy, Fun Ways to Bling Out Your Apartment for New Years Eve

If you’re like us, you’re probably hosting a party in your apartment this New Years. If you’re really like us, you want to really go all out with the decorations. In a word: bling! Putting your place together doesn’t need to be a hassle, either. With a little bit of elbow grease and a trip to an art supply store or two, you can easily get it together and throw the party of the century… or at least the year! … Read More

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Creative Single-Serve Cooking Ideas

If you view cooking for one as a challenge, then you haven’t seen these recipes. With just enough ingredients for one meal – and maybe some leftovers for lunch the next day – these options are sure to make their way onto your weekly menu: Make an Omelet Not only are they packed with healthy protein, but you can also add all sorts of yummy veggies to your personal omelet. Perhaps you’ll choose a little bit of chopped onion and … Read More