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Five Things to Do on a Day Trip to Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral is an idyllic destination for a day trip when visiting Florida. Check out these five top things to do on your day visit here. Read More

Events and Festivals in Satellite Beach - Beachside Apartments

Must-See Destinations In and Around Satellite Beach

When searching for exciting things to do in Satellite Beach, FL, you have plenty of options. Located along Florida’s Space Coast, this area offers plentiful entertainment options for people of all ages. From shopping to entertainment to outdoor activities, you have many activities from which to choose. Shopping If shops and boutiques are on your list, you will find many quaint stores to explore. For example, La Moda Boutique is an ideal place to find the latest in trendy styles. … Read More

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Cable vs Streaming–Where Do You Stand?

There is a format war raging in homes and apartments across the country. People are declaring their stance on the best way to watch televised entertainment in the modern age. While many still lift up a premium cable package as the superior experience, there are those who have abandoned tradition and taken to the web. Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services are enticing some to drop cable completely and simply watch everything online. There seems to be no clear victor … Read More

5 Ways Beach Living Changes Your Life

Everyone has fun on a trip to the beach. Beach living, on the other hand, is not just a fun time but also a life experience. In the same way that the moon causes the tides to rise, the presence of the beach right on your doorstep stirs something in you. 1. The Beauty of Nature You’d be hard pressed to find a sight more beautiful than the sun setting over the ocean. The colors and lights reflect off the … Read More