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3 Ways to Fully Utilize Your Beach Gear

Is there anything quite like a warm summer day at the beach? The sounds of waves crashing while the smell of salt water opens your nose and puts your mind at ease. To enjoy the seashore properly, many beachgoers invest in outdoor gear, swimsuits, towels, and beach toys. Follow the tips below to ensure all your beach gear lasts for years to come. 1. Wash Your Swimsuits and Towels Immediately After Use   A day at the beach will leave … Read More

Sunset on the beach in Satellite Beach, FL

Where Children Thrive – 3 Reasons to Raise Your Family Near the Beach

Imagine waking up near the beach every day, walking along sun-kissed sands, and children happily playing. According to a 2019 SheKnows parenting report, visiting the beach benefits children’s development and promotes general well-being. Experience affordable, spacious beach apartment living near Melbourne, FL, and learn more about the benefits of growing up by the ocean. 1. Develop a Love For Nature Breath-taking scenic views, warm, velvet sunshine, and soft, silky sand beneath your feet. Children learn and thrive in a fun, … Read More

The Health Benefits of Going to the Beach

A day at the beach is a great way to spend your free time. The warm white sands, blue skies, and crystal clear water can offer more benefits than you might expect. Studies show that going to the beach can be fun and great for your health. Here are a few ways that the beach can boost your overall wellness. Rest and Relaxation The feeling of relaxation that washes over you during a beach trip isn’t just in your head. … Read More

Beach Essentials That You Should Pack Every Time

Heading out to the beach? Don’t forget to bring these essentials for a relaxing day in the sun. Read More