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Image of a surfer entering the water near Beachside Apartments in Melbourne, FL

Catch Some Waves at These Five Space Coast Surf Spots

Visitors and residents of the Space Coast alike frequent these five awesome surf spots. Here are the can’t miss beaches for wave aficionados. Read More

Five Easy Ways To Make Your Apartment Look More Beach Chic

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Sand and beach waves

Top 4 Restaurants in the Space Coast Area

Take a break from apartment cooking! Crush Eleven, The Melting Pot, and Dixie Crossroads are among the top choices of restaurants in the Space Coast area. Read More

Hurricane Matthew and its Effects on Beachside Apartments

Hurricane Matthew impacted areas of the Eastern United States during the end of September and the beginning of October, in 2016. With strong winds and heavy rains, many communities were negatively impacted. As a Category 1 Hurricane, Matthew had winds up to 75 miles per hour when it reached land on October 8th in South Carolina. Storm surge flooding occurred in other states as well. Florida’s flooding was reported at 2.5 feet above ground level in some areas. Due to … Read More