Brevard County’s Growing Manufacturing Industry

Florida has long been home to cutting edge industry from many different fields. Lately, the manufacturing industry has seen considerable growth in Brevard County, where an influx of jobs has had a big impact. Those interested in the field may just find a home here and those considering a career switch will discover great options as well on the Space Coast.

Raw Growth Numbers

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If unconvinced of Brevard’s growth potential, consider the following numbers: Brevard County boasts the fifth most concentrated high-tech workforce in the country. Beyond that, the county is in the top three in the country in the concentration of electrical engineers and technicians. Brevard also finds itself top of the charts in the number of patents per 10,000 workers. Undeniably, Brevard is a county on the upswing of the manufacturing industry.

New Companies, New Opportunities

Because of Brevard’s surge forward in this industry, many new companies have been attracted to the area. Companies that have been here are expanding. One such is Fortune 500 company Harris Corporation. They’ve invested in a new Technology Center that has created more than 6,000 jobs for local industry workers. Also, many other local companies are hosting local recruiting efforts on the regular.

An Eye on the Future

Just because the present is booming with manufacturing opportunity does not mean the county of Brevard is resting on its laurels. Hoping to expand the current success of the industry into a long-term story, Brevard has developed an education map featuring career pathways leading to jobs in this in-demand industry. Through these pathways, students may enter into internships or apprenticeships that provide them on-the-job training. In addition, the county has begun a marketing initiative to change perceptions of industry jobs, highlighting higher wages and strong benefits.

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