Goodbye Frosty, Hello “Sandy”: How to Build a Snowman on the Beach

Who says a snowman can only be made from snow? If you’re spending the cold months in a tropical locale, you can still indulge in great beach activities in the winter that will remind you of the fun of northern snowfalls – minus all the shoveling, snowblowing, and plowing.sand snowman on the beach - Beachside Apartments

Forget Frosty, and welcome Sandy: the snowman you can build from a bunch of sand and a bit of imagination. It doesn’t require many tools or skills, and it brings holiday cheer to your beachside residence. Here’s how to build it:

What You’ll Need

Two buckets: one for sand, one for water. You’ll need solid, easy-to-pack sand that will maintain its shape once you start molding it. You’ll also need coals for eyes, a carrot nose, a corncob pipe, a stovepipe hat, and any other accessories in which you’d like to dress your snowman. It’s also a nice idea to give him an Aloha shirt and flower necklace, if you want him dressed in tropical chic. Maybe you’ll even opt for a bikini top and bottom to make a fashionable, beachside snow-babe. As you can see, this is one of many beach activities in the winter that lets you get creative.

How to Build Your Sand Snowman

Use your sand and water to mold a few big “South Texas Snowballs.” This is a moniker for “snowballs” of wet sand, which you can roll with your hands until they are packed tightly and spherical. Once you have three of these that are about the size of a grapefruit, you can start rolling them over the sand so they grow in size. Add water as you go to keep the balls hard-packed. Make three of these, sized big, bigger, and biggest. The biggest will of course be the base of your snowman.

Next, gently position the balls on top of one another. Now you’re ready to decorate your snowman, outfitting him with close and giving him personality. And then, voila: you’ve proven that beach activities in the winter don’t need snow to be fun.

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