Aviation and Aerospace Job Trends in Brevard County

Rocketship launching from launchpad in Brevard County, FLIt’s no secret that the aviation and aerospace fields are expanding in Brevard County. More than a third of all aerospace employees now reside in Brevard. Statewide, there has been a 6 to 7% increase in jobs in these sectors. Because of the increased competition, salaries are also on the rise. Safe to say, there has never been a better time to work in aviation and aerospace in Brevard county. Below, these trends will be explored in-depth.

Brevard Aviation

Since 2010, employment in the Brevard aviation industry has risen by 23,555 jobs, a 44.8% rate increase from 2010. For comparison’s sake, other industries in the Brevard area saw 22.4% growth during the same time frame. The three largest aviation industries in Brevard include scheduled passenger air transportation, airport operations, and support activities in air transportation. In total, these industries made up 85.9% of aviation employment in the area.

Brevard Aerospace

Since 2014, employment in the Brevard aerospace industry has risen by 28,335 jobs, a 21% rate increase from the 2014 baseline. Search, detection, and navigation instrument manufacturing; manufacturing of guided missiles and space vehicles; and aircraft manufacturing were the three largest industries in the Brevard aerospace field in 2018. Aerospace products and parts manufacturing employment rose the most during the 2014 to 2018 timeframe, rising 7.5% (1,621 jobs). Aircraft engine and engine parts manufacturing was the only industry to lose jobs, seeing a 2.3% decrease.

Salaries in Aviation and Aerospace

In 2018, aerospace industry salaries ranged between $67,983 to $117,294. All eight industries in aerospace averaged yearly salaries higher than $60,000, and seven averaged more than $80,000. In 2018, yearly salaries for workers in the aviation industry averaged $68,343. This salary base showed an increase of $1,856, which was a 2.8% growth from 2016. These salary numbers for both industries were in line with the overall growth of the Brevard and Florida economic upturn.

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