No Guest Room? No Problem! Accommodating Guests in Small Spaces

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Having a small everyday living space doesn’t mean you can’t have visitors. Most people who live in small homes naturally learn to make the most of every inch of the space; accommodating guests in apartments just requires some additional creative thinking and organization. The ideal temporary guest room offers a comfortable place to sleep, nighttime privacy, and access to the bathroom and kitchen facilities. The way you offer these features will depend on the space you have and what furnishings you choose before your guests arrive.

Multipurpose Rooms

If you have only a small amount of space, the room you use for your own hobbies or entertainments can be converted to temporary guest quarters. Even the dining space in your home has potential; using tension shower curtain rods to hang a temporary curtain can turn this open space into a private bedroom for a short period of time.

Hideaway Beds

Convertible sofas, futons or chairs that either turn into beds or can be used as beds allow you to make the most of a small space. The seating you use during the day can be opened out and made into a welcoming and comfortable sleeping space at night if you choose the right furnishings. Built-in furniture can help as well, from Murphy-style beds to drawers and shelves that recede into your wall space and offer storage for accommodating guests in apartments without sacrificing floor space.

Temporary Furnishings

Air beds are not just for camping. A quality airbed inflates in minutes and can rapidly grow from a backpack-sized package to a full-sized bed. Having an air bed on hand allows you to instantly convert any space, and then tuck the bed back away in a closet or drawer when it is not in use.

No matter which approach you choose, accommodating guests in apartments or small homes is simple if you prepare in advance and set aside some space for your company.

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