Six Smart Design Ideas for Your Small Space

Design choices can help those who are committed to small space living make the most of the square footage to create a cozy, functional, and attractive home. Here are six smart small space design ideas for those living in apartments.


1. Take Advantage of Every Space

For example, transform a small nook into a workspace or bill-paying station by adding a computer desk with shelves above for storage.

2. Step Into the Light

Light colors make a space look larger, so small space dwellers should opt for a palette that emphasizes white or pastel walls to create an expanding effect. Choosing cool neutrals and sticking to that palette throughout the apartment creates a cohesive-feeling flow.

3. Place Mirrors Strategically

Placing a decorative mirror across from a window will reflect the light, making the space seem larger than it really is.

4. Add Homey Touches

For example, putting a table lamp in the kitchen transforms a utilitarian space into a welcoming area for friends to gather, a must when working with small square footage in apartments.

5. Opt for Built-In Storage

Think open shelving in the kitchen, beds with drawers underneath, and other clever ways to hide clutter and keep the floors clear. Also, don’t forget about vertical storage; tall shelves can make the most of wall space without sacrificing room real estate. For a small kitchen, a rolling island adds necessary prep and storage space, and can easily be tucked away when not in use.

6. Hang a Curtain

A beautiful piece of fabric can do double duty as a room divider and an artistic addition to your apartment. By the same token, floor to ceiling window treatments draw the eye upward to make your space appear larger while also adding visual appeal. Many people opt for a decorative screen to cover unsightly storage.

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