4 Tips for Baby-Proofing Your Apartment

Households often present many hazards to small children, from appliances and sharp objects to electrical outlets and cleaning chemicals. As babies begin to move around on their own and grow curious about the world around them, it’s important to make a few adjustments around the house to keep them safe. Here are four of the most effective ways to baby-proof your apartment.

Cover or Hide Electrical Outlets

A young baby sitting on a rug

Electrical outlets are probably scattered throughout your apartment, with many of them being within your baby’s reach. If they aren’t being used, all low-lying outlets need to be covered with one of many kinds of baby-proof electrical outlet covers available on the market. If an outlet is being used, use furniture to block it from your baby’s view and access.

Install Baby Locks on Cabinets and Appliances

Cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms often contain cleaning supplies, sharp tools, and other hazardous objects. You can protect your baby by either moving these dangerous materials to higher shelves or installing baby locks on the cabinet doors themselves. Baby-proof locks should also be placed on low-lying appliances like ovens and dishwashers, where hot surfaces, detergents, and sharp utensils also present hazards.

Remove or Secure Fragile Objects

Anything breakable has the potential to fall, shatter, and become incredibly dangerous for babies crawling around. If you have fragile objects like glass vases, picture frames, or fine china, remove them from your baby’s reach or put them in storage during your child’s early years. Tables with glass surfaces can also present a hazard, so you may want to consider storing or replacing those as well.

Remove or Cover All Sharp Edges

Babies who are just learning to crawl around, stand, and walk are always very clumsy at first. If you have furniture pieces such as end tables, coffee tables, and television stands, you may want to consider replacing them with rounder, softer alternatives. You can also buy safety guards that make sharp furniture corners soft and squishy.

With just a few simple adjustments, renting an apartment with a new baby can be a safe and enjoyable experience for your whole family. At Beachside Apartments, we offer several spacious floor plans with quick beach access and gorgeous ocean views. Take a virtual tour today, or learn more by calling us at 321-779-0601.

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