3 Ways to Support Your Military Spouse

Military members sitting in the back of a transport vehicleAccording to a study by Stimson, the United States has over 170,000 active personnel on deployment overseas. Military personnel on active duty can often feel lonely and distant from their families back at home. As a military spouse, you are likely no stranger to the rollercoaster of emotions that come when your partner is going through deployment cycles. While you do not serve your country directly, as a military spouse, your support is essential in keeping our country safe. Below are a few ways you can support your military spouse to help keep their morale high — no matter when or where they might get deployed.


Spend As Much Time With Them As Possible When They’re Home


Spending time with your military spouse can help make memories they will hang on to after leaving on deployment. While they need to rest, you should also plan local trips, simple events, and fun activities like picnics and dates. Also, create a list of things you both love doing, like compiling binge-worthy movies for weekends and late nights. Such activities bring you and your spouse together, making them feel loved and appreciate being home.

Lend an Ear When You Can


Chances are, your partner may be dealing with unimaginable stress while serving their country. No matter their rank or duties while on deployment, they made need a safe space to discuss things that have been on their mind. You can be their safe space — whether that means giving advice or just calmly listening.

Invest in Care Packages and Gift Cards


Sending your military spouse care packages when they’re on deployment can help to give them a little taste of home — even if they’re on the other side of the world. Including everything from their favorite foods to handmade notes can help lift their spirits.

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