3 Ways to Increase Storage Space in Your Apartment

Whether you’re moving to a new apartment or simply looking for ways to simplify your current home, there are several ways to declutter and rearrange your belongings to create a more organized and spacious living area. Here are three simple ways to maximize the storage space in your apartment.

Get Rid of Clutter

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Creating more storage space is always easier when you have fewer things that need storage in the first place. Go through your apartment room by room and evaluate the things you own, separating the items that are still useful, valuable, or sentimental from those that can be donated or thrown away. All the stuff you no longer wish to keep can be sold, donated, or thrown away. With less clutter, you’ll already be one step ahead when you’re ready to move things around and rethink how you use your storage options.

Upgrade to Multipurpose Furniture

Of the several great places to store belongings in your apartment, multipurpose furniture is often the most versatile and subtle. Many different models and styles are available, each with its own unique storage capabilities and functions. For example, living room pieces such as multipurpose ottomans and end tables can offer both surface space and concealed shelves, drawers, and storage containers. Other furniture such as beds, tables, and desks may also provide added storage features or serve multiple functional purposes.

Explore New Ways to Use Space

There’s one dimension of storage space available in every home that’s often overlooked: vertical storage. Remember to try new ways of storing belongings, including hanging pots and pans on the wall and installing new storage containers on the often-forgotten spaces behind doors. Your closet can also double in its capacity when you find ways of storing shoes and clothing vertically rather than piled together.

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