3 Ways to Fully Utilize Your Beach Gear

Sunglasses resting on the beach in florida

Is there anything quite like a warm summer day at the beach? The sounds of waves crashing while the smell of salt water opens your nose and puts your mind at ease. To enjoy the seashore properly, many beachgoers invest in outdoor gear, swimsuits, towels, and beach toys. Follow the tips below to ensure all your beach gear lasts for years to come.

1. Wash Your Swimsuits and Towels Immediately After Use


A day at the beach will leave your swimsuits and towels wet and full of sand. Such conditions are ideal for mildew growth. To avoid mold from developing, you should clean your beach gear immediately after you return home.

2. Air Dry Your Beach Chairs


After a day at the beach, your beach chairs are likely full of sand and a little damp. Air drying your beach chairs before putting them in storage is a must to avoid mold and overall wear and tear. Extend the life of your sand recliners even longer by wiping them down with a moist towel before leaving them in the sun to dry.

Pro tip: Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your chairs because they can damage the fabric.

3. Store Your Beach Gear Properly


From surfboards and umbrellas to beach toys and chairs, no matter what your beach essentials are, ensure your items last longer by storing them properly. When you leave your beach gear lying around all over the house, you risk them breaking and getting lost. Instead, consider storing them in your garage or renting a storage unit to keep them dry and safe until your next beach adventure.

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