3 Tips for Moving as a Military Family to Brevard County

Receiving the news of a permanent change of station (PCS) can be both exciting and bittersweet—embarking on a new journey with your spouse and family poses an exciting opportunity to make new memories in a new city. Still, it’s no secret that PCS moves can be pricey and twice as stressful.

Start Planning as Soon as Your Orders Are in Hand

This isn’t just any move—especially if this isn’t your first go-round. Navigating PCS moves often involves finding ways for spouses to maintain employment despite frequent relocation, managing a flurry of expenses, and keeping the kids’ emotions at bay as you try to make high-level decisions about your new life. Check out online resources for navigating employment as a military spouse and other PCS advice and assistance from sites like us.gov and military.com. Two people hanging a picture

Consider Your Car(s)

Cross-country moving for military families—especially if you’re moving to Florida all the way from a western corner of the U.S.—doesn’t create much excitement if you were keen on driving and going the DIY route. After your relocation briefing, one of your immediate considerations should be how you’ll get there—and how you’ll get your most valuable things there. If you’re intent on driving, there’s nothing worse than getting on the road and only then discovering car trouble. Avoid unforeseen breakdowns and delays by getting your vehicle checked before heading toward your new home, even if you plan on shipping your vehicle instead of driving it.

Don’t Be Afraid of Being Frugal

Though the military reimburses you for the cost of your move if you decide to do it yourself, a lot of expenses will come out of your pocket before you ever receive a check. It may be tempting to appeal to emotion as often as possible to keep everyone impacted by the move comfortable, but you’ll find that saving money by renting an apartment, holding off on extra vacations, and being decisive about pre-move spending will literally pay off in the long run.

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