3 Reasons to Live Off-base

Military helmets laying on a tableThis just in — your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) order has been finalized, and it’s official: You’ll be relocating to Patrick Air Force Base for your next long-term assignment. When organizing the logistics of your Sunshine State move, you’re stuck on one question: Should you settle on or off-base? While there’s no clear-cut choice that’s right for everyone, familiarizing yourself with the many advantages of off-base housing can help you determine a living accommodation best fit for your lifestyle.

The Cost-effective Potential

U.S. military personnel are eligible for Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) compensation that can be used to cover off-base housing costs. By choosing to live outside of government-owned quarters, you have the opportunity to save some of this monthly payment by selecting an apartment or home that is priced below your allowance.

Broader Selection of Options

Looking for a walk-in bedroom closet or a property within walking distance to Florida’s sandy beaches? Off-base housing offers much more variety in the amenities and neighborhoods you are eligible to select from. Instead of settling for the basics of base housing, living off-site gives you the flexibility to select properties based on floor plans, location, special features, and more.

Home Living Freedoms

Although on-base housing may boast a variety of amenities, strict government regulations restrict what can and cannot be done on-site. Base policies vary, with potential rules banning pets, regulating how often you must mow your grass, and prohibiting inground swimming pools, among others. When you opt to stay off-base, you can have broader control over what happens in your home or apartment.

Choose Beachside Apartments for Your Next Home

Just a 5-minute commute from Patrick Air Force Base, Beachside Apartments is proud to accommodate active duty members and their families. With gracious, open floor plans and premier ocean views, our luxury apartments provide a superior alternative to on-base housing. Contact us today to learn more about Beachside Apartments in Satellite Beach, FL — your next place to call home.

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