3 Reasons Not to Rule out a Ground Floor Apartment

When searching for an apartment, you might be quick to rule out a first-floor unit and opt for what you’ve been told is the safer, more private option of an upper-level unit. First-floor units often come with many surprising (and money-saving) perks that may curb your original hesitation.

Lower Cost

Because upper-level units are normally people’s first choice, first-floor units are usually in lower demand, which can possibly lower the rent of a ground-level apartment. Although this may not be advertised, it’s worth discussing with the complex’s leasing agent. While the price of your energy bill depends on many factors, My Personal Finance Journey reports that living in a lower level unit could decrease your A/C bill on average by $432 yearly. This could be a great advantage during those blazing Florida summers.The Outside View of a Beachside Apartments Condo

An Easier Move

Not having to deal with moving heavy furniture upstairs or into an elevator is a luxury worth having. A first floor unit could even have a second entrance with easier access, like a patio, making your move even more hassle-free.

Closer Proximity to Your Mode of Transportation

Gone are the days of walking countless flights of stairs or waiting for crowded elevators when you rent a first-floor apartment. Living on the first floor allows for you to come and go as you please in an easy and accessible way. Being able to walk out from your apartment directly to your car is even more convenient if you have children or pets.

Privacy and Security Concerns

While privacy and break-ins are valid issues when renting a first-floor apartment, they can often be addressed with a good set of blinds or curtains and investing in a security system. You should also speak with the complex’s leasing agent to find out what security and privacy measures are already implemented, such as a patrolling security guard.

Don’t immediately dismiss a first-floor apartment unit without weighing all of your options. Beachside Apartments offers an array of floor plans spanning three stories in a convenient and safe location near Melbourne Beach. Check out our photo gallery to learn more about our spacious units and amenities.

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