3 PCS Tips for Military Spouses

Active military member sitting on front porch of a homeMilitary careers and permanent change of station (PCS) notices go hand-in-hand for service members and families traveling with them. Each year, more than 400,000 military personnel receive PCS orders to relocate nationally or overseas, according to a Military One Source report. Although these moves are hardly easy and can come at any time, a supportive military spouse equipped with all the moving basics can help make the transition smoother.

Tips for Your Family’s Relocation


1. Once you get your orders, start preparations

As soon as you receive your moving papers, start making plans for your big move ahead of time. PCS order timelines vary between two weeks to five months; review all the moving options available to you, especially if you can get military assistance. Research your new location and decide if you will live on base or would rather be somewhere with more amenities.

2. Utilize a PCS checklist

Checklists are helpful for completing necessary tasks and serve as a handy reminder as your moving day edges closer. Become fully prepared for your relocation by creating a PCS checklist that includes:

– Compiling a PCS binder with all of your essential items (passports, personal documents, medical records, birth certificates, etc.)

– Exploring military airline discounts

– Planning how you will transfer all of your items

– Learning about military cost reimbursement

– Reaching out to the Defense Travel Management Office for assistance

3. Ensure you’re ready on the big moving day

Make sure the property you vacate is clean and that you’re not leaving anything behind. Carry valuable belongings with you, such as cash, jewelry, and vital documents. Finalize arrangements for traveling pets or boarding until you have moved, and allow your children to carry their favorite items with them during the journey.

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