10 Reasons to Move to a Beach Town

Whether you’re retiring or simply looking for a new place to live, take some time to consider these 10 reasons to move to a beach town:

1. Balmy Weather
The southern seaside living areas are known for their balmy days. Granted, the winter can get a little chilly, but you can almost always count on some warmth in the afternoons.

Beachtown2. Biking
Riding your bike everywhere you go not only gives you plenty of exercise, but it also saves money on gas. And in today’s economy, we all know that a little savings can go a long way!

3. Friendly People
he southern population is known as a friendly, talkative group of individuals. Enjoy the southern charm and happy hospitality.

4. Easy Access to the Beach
You are literally minutes away from the seaside. Whether you’re planning an invigorating run for your morning exercise or a relaxing picnic dinner on the sand as you watch the sunset, it’s all available in a southern beach town.

5. Fine Art
Small coastal cities attract artists. You’ll find a wide variety of local stores which feature works usually created by local artists.

6. Performing Arts
Music, dance and theater are a major part of the southern coastal culture. There are many opportunities for locals to participate, and you can find multiple restaurants that feature local live bands and musical artists during the evening hours.

7. Saving Money
With a beach right outside, it’s easy to find free entertainment at any time of day. Instead of going to movies or finding events to keep yourself entertained, just can step out your door and enjoy the day.

8. Friendly Customer Service
You’ll get service with a smile when you shop in small southern areas. The respectful responses of “Yes, Ma’am” or “Yes, Sir” are standard – a natural part of southern charm.

9. Amazing Wildlife
Forget visiting the zoo! You can see wildlife with every trip to the beach. Town streets even feel like home to some exotic birds, and depending on where you are, you may even see some gators!

10. Slow Down
There’s no rush in a southern beach town. From taking time to talk to random strangers to spending a while enjoying the balmy afternoon air on the sand, you’ll find yourself slowing down and enjoying life!

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