Great Beach Activities for the Whole Family

Beach Image - Beachside ApartmentsBeach vacations are a great way to get away with your family for a time of relaxation, play and discovery. The sand and surf near Satellite Beach Apartments offer their own forms of amusement of course, but with a little creativity, you can come up with an endless number of activities to keep the kids and adults entertained and engaged. Here are a few suggestions to spark your imagination.

Beach-Style Tug of War

For this game, tie two oversized beach towels together, and gather your group at the water’s edge. Divide your group into two teams, with an equal number of kids and adults on each team. Draw a line in the sand and position the knot of your towel-rope over the line. Have each team grab hold of either end of the rope, and on the count of three, start pulling. The team that pulls the entirety of the rope past the line wins.

Treasure Hunt on the Beach

Create a list of beach items, such as seashells, driftwood, rocks, a feather, etc., for each child to collect on the beach near Satellite Beach Apartments—a list with pictures can be used for smaller children. Give each child a bucket and a time limit, and have them hunt for all the items on the list. The child who collects the most items wins the game.

Beach Limbo

Have two people hold each end of a pool noodle, boat oar, or jump rope and turn on some beach-themed music. Have each member of the family bend under the bar with their face towards the sky, lowering the bar slightly after everyone has had a turn. If anyone falls, they are out, but they land gently in the sand!

Beach Ball Popcorn Games

Have everyone in your family grab the sides of an oversized beach towel—or a parachute, if you can remember to bring one on your Satellite Beach Apartments vacation—and toss a beach ball in the center. Then, have everyone shake the towel or parachute to see how high you can make the beach ball soar.

Thanks to Susane Nilsson on flickr for the image used in this post.

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